Securus Technologies on the Front Lines Keeping Prisons Safer

When you work in a prison like myself, you want to make use of every resource possible so that you are making certain that you come home after your shift is over to see your family. In recent years, I can tell you from experience that the violence inside these jails are getting worse because there are too many inmates in each cell and many of them have access to drugs that are causing major issues with their fellow inmates.


If one inmate has a beef with another, they may have a verbal altercation, introduce drugs into the equation and now you have turned this into a dangerous and violent situation. If me and my fellow officers are trying to separate the two parties and a weapon is introduced, there is no telling who will suffer the worst of it. For these reasons and more, me and my fellow officers work tirelessly to try and recover drugs and weapons from the inmates.


Securus Technologies has given us the ability to get those pieces of contraband long before they become a problem. In the past, we have always been in reaction mode, now with the help of an inmate telephone call monitoring system, we can get the jump on those instances and stop the problem while the plans are still being formulated.


When Securus Technologies installed the new monitoring system, me and my staff were taught how the LBS software works. It can scan all the calls inmates make instantly, alerting my team to any conversations that could be potential problems. Securus Technologies has over one thousand employees, has this exact system in thousands of prison systems, and the entire company are all chasing the one objective of making the world a safer place for everyone, and that includes inmates officers, guests, and staff.