Bob Reina Dedicates Talk Fusion To Being Agent Of Change In the World

Talk Fusion began to really help people in 2007. Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of a company that is all about people’s future. Talk Fusion helps people fulfill their dreams and is very generous with different groups in diverse places. He is dedicated to helping change lives for the better. He motivates everyone he works with to make a difference in the world. Download the Talk Fusion App here.

Reina has a philosophy of giving back, of taking responsibility because of having such great success. He has always worked to infuse his enthusiasm for giving to charities into the company culture at Talk Fusion. He calls it part of the company’s “DNA” and believes it is what drives everyone there to do more and help more people. He has been a fantastic motivator.

The way Bob Reina influences people is by leading with a great example. His positive impact on the world amazes many people. He donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, a record breaking amount for that chapter of the nonprofit animal rescue organization. He has also been directly involved in animal rescues and certainly has given very generously to help orphanages in Indonesia, as well. His actions are replicated through his army of Independent Associates that work with Talk Fusion from over 140 countries.

He has even pushed his philanthropic philosophy further, by incentivizing his Talk Fusion Associates to each donate one free account to any charity they choose; a gift of the Custom Monthly Plan, the top branding, customization, a video marketing plan they offer. Video marketing includes Live Meetings, Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, and digital Sign-up Forms.

Talk Fusion is the worlds leading All-In-One Video Marketing Solution. The company provides a team of artists, IT experts, developers, and marketing experts to support and guide you in successfully marketing your products and services through the dynamic power of video marketing. They work with all sizes of client companies, from large to home based, and also nonprofit organizations. They help their clients succeed by obtaining real financial results. Find out more in this article on Talk Fusion on Your Mark On The World.

The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is known to be one of the most respected businessmen in the United States. With a passion for business, Eric Pulier has created and developed numerous successful businesses that all have the goal of improving the world through the use as well as the creation of technology. Eric Pulier has always had a passion for technology and demonstrated his passion even at the early age of nine when he built his first computer. This talent and demonstration of passion towards this career path earned him a slot at Harvard University where he excelled in academics and earned his degree in both American as well as English Literature. After graduating, Mr. Pulier went on to move to Los Angeles where he founded and co-founded several companies with the intention of providing the public with the benefits of technology.

One of Eric Pulier’s greatest accomplishments was creating a social network that was geared towards children with chronic illnesses. This social network has been linked to over 70 different hospitals around the country with the intention of linking together children with similar illnesses. What this social networking site does is allow for children to chat, blog, and post content. Pulier has always had a passion for helping children and has donated thousands of dollars to help entertain children who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses. As a businessman, Eric Pulier truly believes that what he invents or discovers should go to the people (check out Eric on Twitter).

As a master businessman as well as a master of technology, Eric Pulier was specifically chosen to not only create, but also execute an exhibit that took place during the turn of the millennium. This exhibit was created to showcase plans for the future in regards to technology that would be used and created. President Bill Clinton wanted this exhibit to be created to show the public how far the world will come over the next century. Pulier was appointed with this honor for not only his success with his businesses, but also for his belief that technology should be used to benefit the people around the world.