Enjoy FreedomPop Services, Even If It’s Free Of Charge

FreedomPop has been the company of choice for many who are getting tired of paying exorbitant fees for cell phone service to other companies. Although there are many wireless giants out there, they tend to higher their prices, instead of lowering their prices, which is the current trend. When cell phone service is a lot cheaper than it’s ever been, why is it that many cell phone service providers are going up in price? FreedomPop is able to keep their prices as low as possible while also adding other services. Those that want cell phone service should make the venture over to FreedomPop.

FreedomPop has two kinds of services available for cell phones, CDMA service, and GSM service. The CDMA service is through Sprint and can support any Sprint phone that is switched over to FreedomPop. The GSM service supports any sim card phone that is up-to-date and unlocked for use on the FreedomPop network. Both kinds of phones gets the same great quality that FreedomPop offers, even though the CDMA service and GSM service uses different cell phone towers. Those who have joined FreedomPop have enjoyed the service for a long time and have brought others to join the service as well.

Anyone who needs a sim card has to obtain it by purchasing it separately, and they typically buy the sim online. The sim card is shipped out and should be received within less than a week, so the user can start getting FreedomPop services. The sim card is adjustable and can fit the sim slot of any cell phone. Those that have a GSM phone that takes a sim card can now use it in other countries because FreedomPop supports their services in up to 25 different international countries.

Those that use their FreedomPop service in international countries can avoid roaming charges. Any kind of service that a FreedomPop user has can still allow them to use their sim card in other countries, so calling the USA is not a problem. Many are in love with FreedomPop services because of the fact that they can make phone calls, send text messages, and use their data in an unlimited way for as little as $19.99 each month. Those who obtain the free service from FreedomPop are still enjoying the service, especially since they don’t ever have to pay any money for the service.

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