Success with IT expert John Goullet at Diversant, LLC

Diversant, LLC is the largest African American Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise in the U.S., with its corporate office in Red Bank, N.J., offering Information Technology (IT) staffing. As stated on Diversant website, the organization has a professional team of skilled account managers and recruiters who have contacts in the IT industry. They not only provide customers and clients with referrals for permanent IT staffing, but the team also provides staffing in the industries of banking, retail, and biotechnology and manufacturing.

Diversant, Inc. was founded by visionary entrepreneur, owner and CEO, Gene Waddy, in 2005 and merged with Info Technologies in 2010, changing its name to Diversant, LLC with a focus on client satisfaction in IT staffing entities, says Diversant, LLC website. In 1994, entrepreneur and CEO John Goullet founded Info Technologies, an organization that grew into a multi-million dollar award winning company, Bloomberg, L.P. said. Goullet first focused on computer consulting after graduating from college and then later his focus shifted to IT staffing needs for corporate clients. Currently, Goullet is a successful businessman who is developing ventures in the IT sector offering a wide range of products and services for both customers and clients at Diversant, LLC. Diversant website also says that since the two companies merged in 2010, today Goullet is an Executive Principle and Chairman at Diversant, LLC continuously developing more innovative ways to sustain growth and satisfy clients’ needs with changes in the emerging IT industry. says that Goullet is not only an amazing individual, but he is also talented and continues to be recognized for having a worthy, notable (i.e., remarkable) and successful history. Even today, because Goullet uses ethics in his business endeavors, he is a leader who conquers all challenges in the IT industry. Goullet has a professional mindset and is dedicated to his clients by building trust in learning their working environment in order to provide the best staffing solution for them. Overall, Diversant, LLC offers training to help customers sustain competitiveness in today’s businesses ranging from IT skills to problem solving and business skills.

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