The Lovaganza Foundation Begins A Global Odyssey

A six year global odyssey began for the Lovaganza Foundation in 2015 with the beginning of filming by married French-Canadian directing team J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon on the first movie of a planned trilogy that could expand into a trilogy of trilogies. The nine planned movies may seem ambitious, but the overall aims of the Lovaganza Foundation are even more ambitious in terms of the effect they could have on the children of the world.

Not only does the foundation hope to entertain families around the world, but the profits from the movies created could also lead to the creation of a better standard of life for children as these funds are ploughed back into charitable programs on The Lovaganza Foundation has aims that include creating a better standard of life for the children of the world, which they hope to follow by bringing the leaps forward in education, hygiene, and peaceful environments to all people by the middle of the 21st century. In a bid to achieve these goals the Lovaganza group hope to develop a series of movies and live events that will allow profits to be used by charitable groups and foundations to continue with existing programs that will change the way people live in the future.

The Lovaganza Foundation is hoping it will become a globally recognized name in charitable giving and entertainment circles in the coming years as the aims of the group are brought to the public with the launch of the first film in the initial trilogy, “Follow Your Sunshine”. The use of the latest technology is twinned with moral values and traditional storytelling Lovaganza hopes will bring the viewer back to the 1950s and the ideas that a moral center can assist every viewer in living a better life.

The march towards improving the life of children across the planet will begin with the Lovaganza Convoy on, which is a major part of the planned success the foundation plans to have. Lovaganza plans a global festival that will take place in 2020 across at least eight cities in the world to provide information about each and every culture found on the planet.

Norka Luque: The Ultimate Singing Sensation from Venezuela

Born on February the 7th in Caracas, Venezuela, Norka Luque was always destined for success in the music industry. And from being blessed with very loving and supporting parents and hard work, she has persevered, and now her dreams have came true.

With the love and support of her parents, she worked hard in her academic studies and her training in voice, ballet, flamenco, and piano. Throughout her young journey, Norka Luque earned degrees in Fashion, Marketing, and Culinary Arts. She also studied for Business Administration in France in which some amazing doors opened for her. She first had a great opportunity to be part of band. With this opportunity, she kept her connection to her musical roots with her wonderful singing voice and other talents while she was undergoing other endeavors. She then hit the jackpot four years ago upon meeting the renowned musical producer, Emilio Estefan, Jr. He loved her musical project, and he has been guiding Norka’s professional music career ever since.

Since being bestowed with an once of a lifetime opportunity, Norka Luque has been using her music to reach out to others. Her first premiere single was produced in 2011 called “Can I Do It Tu”. Archie Pena, a Venezuelan, composed this song, and Norka was norminated for the “Best Female Pop of the Year” for this song in “Premios Lo Nuestro”. Norka’s second single came in the beginning of 2012 called “Milagro”, and this single was written by Archie Pena also. And furthermore, many versions of this song were produced. The salsa version of this song made #1 in the Record Report in Venezuela for 14 weeks. The English dance version, “Miracle” is remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario that made the #11 slot in the Billboard Dance Club. Her latest single is called “Tomorrowland”, and she is now working to re-launch during this year.

As previously stated, she is using her music for a good purpose- in reaching out to others. She feels like artists have a great responsibility to bring a positive message to the audience. She send a message of hope as well providing great quality music with mixtures of Caribbean, reggae, and Mediterranean sounds. Norka Luque realizes that music is her destiny, and that’s her medium to use to transit love. For more information on this rising star, she can be found on along with her social networks.

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