Taking A Proactive Stand When It Comes To Online Reputation Management

Social media is now an integral part of the vast majority of people’s lives. They use it to talk about basically anything. It’s a way for people to share their accomplishments, their frustrations, and basically their thoughts. This means that businesses and brands have to be proactive. They have to constantly be monitoring what people are saying online. This is because people take to social media to share their thoughts about certain people, places, and things. If you run a business, chances are that they could be talking about you. When people talk, it’s not always a positive thing either.

According to a recent article in Forbes, now is the best time to proactively manage your brand. That’s because in this day and age, everything is so instantaneous. If someone has a negative thought about your brand they can type it up, hit send, and with minutes their review is connecting with hundreds if not thousands of other people. That can single handily ruin your reputation. People put a lot of stake in what other people say, especially when a thought out review is posted online.

The Reputation.com article mentions that it’s no longer enough to be in the top 3 searches on a search engine. People won’t just look at those. They will actively seek out all reviews that they can find when they’re serious about learning about a new business. For every 10 positive reviews, one negative review can ruin that. That’s because people tend to believe the bad more than they believe the good.

The article in Forbes mentions that planning needs to start very early on. A person needs to research the brand name they choose to make sure there aren’t any previous negative results associated with it. If so, a person’s reputation can be ruined right away if they don’t do their research. A person also needs to choose a name that can be easily accessible within the first several pages of a search engine. Overall, it’s not hard to monitor your online reputation but it does require some work. A person needs to constantly be in tune with what people are saying about their brand.