Equities First Holdings UK

The company originally started in the United States, but after the year 2004 the company made the smart decision to open a branch in the UK, London to be exact. Equities First Holding UK is a  London based economical consulting firm that was made in order to serve the people, so they make the best financial choices for their lives. The company made sure to get a workplace full or dedicated and hard working people who have some expertise in the financial district. The company is doing so well that they even opened it up to investors and shareholders. The company pays out a divide to all of it’sshare holders depending on how well the company does. If you are in need of some financial advice and are in the London area then this is a great place for you to stop by, and discuss your financial future.


Beneful is Full of Goodness

Nestle Purina Petcare saw a need in the dog food market and industry for a new kind of dog food that was nutritional as well as appealing to the appetite of our canine friends. They decided to produce one of the most popular brands of dog food to date and it’s changed to the market was significant. Now people could buy man’s best friend dog food that was healthier than other store brands but also had the backing of a big company.

Nestle Purina Petcare designed a dog food that would resemble a home cooked stew with real beef pieces and coined the term Beneful. Beneful means are full of goodness as they strive to make sure each bag is full of goodness. That’s what the company wants its costumers to understand.

Beneful produces the standard dry dog food for not only canines but also wet food, canned food, and various snacks.

Mark McKenna Career in real Estate

Mark McKenna is a medical doctor who has been in the profession for some time now. Mark is one of the doctors who are licensed to practice surgery and medicine by the prestigious Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. The doctor is very passionate when it comes to community services, and he has been doing his best so that he can change the lives of his patients. Mark was born in New Orleans, and he went for his studies at the Tulane University Medical School. The institution gave him the medical knowledge he needed to venture into the challenging health department.

After graduating from the university, Dr. Mark McKenna was fortunate to start practicing medicine. His father was also a medical doctor, so Mark joined him at his clinic. After working together for a short time, the father and son decided to launch an institution known as McKenna Venture Investments. The institution specialized in real estate investments, and it did very well under the care of the two individuals. The success of the company helped the doctors to launch several other companies in the real estate department. In a concise time, the company grew, giving employment opportunities to more than fifty employees. The main aim of the group was to offer consumers high-end buildings and other finance activities. Click here to know more about him.

After enjoying the success of the private company for a while, the businessman felt that he could make a positive impact, especially in the lives of people living in the region. However, there was a severe hurricane that came and destroyed most of the buildings in the city. Most of the buildings owned by the McKenna’s were destroyed, leaving them with huge losses. The businessmen had no choice but started rebuilding the city through the development of several low, moderate housing.

In the year 2007, Mark McKenna decided to relocate and settle in Atlanta. When he was settled in his new home, the businessman decided to launch an institution known as ShapeMed. The company specializes in wellness and other aesthetic based medical practices, and it has changed the lives of so many people in Atlanta.

Success Story and Career life of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is extensively known for spending his business profession giving service in different executive positions. He has served at Amway, The Windquest Group, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic. At the moment, he occupies the post of the president for The Windquest Group.

In the course of his duty as Amway’s president between 1993 and 2002, Dick DeVos worked on the responsibility entailing the different aspects of the firm’s operations. It is worth acknowledging that its activities were already ongoing across six continents and fifty countries. It is remarkable that the sales reported by the Amway firm during his final year of service with them cumulated to $4.5 billion.

Before getting to the presidential post, he worked as the firm’s vice president at Amway International. It is during this duration that he was responsible for the firm’s operations across eighteen countries situated outside the North America.

It is notable that the firm, during his headship, started up new markets. This is in addition to tripling the international sales up to an additional the internal sales ever recorded in the history of the firm. That happened before his elevation to the post of the president as well as the Chief Executive Officer at Orlando Magic. This followed the acquirement of the team by his family which happened in 1991. He managed to indulge himself with the duty for as long as three years.

Apart from the business tasks that DeVos play, he has continually been a leader in several initiatives of the community. He established Education Freedom Fund. The Fund gave over 4,000 scholarships in favor of the children who are underprivileged within Michigan and has offered service at the State Panel of Education, and the West Michigan Aviation.

Additionally, he turned out for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan in the year 2006 under the Republican Party. Another achievement is that the publication of “Rediscovering American Values” happened in the year 1997. It is presently accessible and has been translated into seven languages.

Looking at his achievements, DeVos is a professional jet aircraft as well as a helicopter pilot. For two times, he has emerged a National Champion for sailing. Dick graduated from Northwood University. He is the husband to Betsy DeVos with whom he has been married for more than thirty-eight years. They are parents to seven and grandparents to six.

The story of Dick DeVos is, therefore, an inspiring one and has a record that is important for the others to follow.


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