Blue Ribbon Report Sheds Light on Racism in San Francisco Police Department

A blue ribbon task force that was set up by the district attorney of San Francisco to look into accusations of homophobia and racism in the Police Department recently announced its results.

In a report that includes the sworn testimony of Gary Delangnes, who was the former head of the Police Officers Association, the finger was pointed at George Gascon, who is the current District Attorney of San Francisco. Gascon was accused of cozying up to union members on the police force and of making racist and homophobic comments in addition to getting drunk with the police department union and being unconcerned with the diversity of the department.

Delanges previously served on the police force himself for a quarter of a century before he retired in 2013 and built up a long standing reputation as a a hard hitter who was open and blunt. The comments made as part of this blue ribbon task force might be the most hard hitting of his career and has shed some light into the inner dealings of the courts and police department.

Delanges and Gascon had many discussions and interviews during the investigation and he described Gascon as being open and friendly during the interviews. He seemed concerned with diversity and did not make any racist comments during the interviews. However, when private records were reviewed, a tight knit underbelly with racism and gender issues emerged and Delanges believed that it was necessary to expose the difference between his public and private demeanor.

Overall, the report discussed what was identified as an “old boys network” of close knit members of the San Francisco Police Department who support each other. Delangnes also indicated indicated that Gascon planned to contest the next Police appointment back in 2011 to Greg Suhr.

The charges made by Delanges in his report are explosive and will likely result in further investigations into both Gascon and the San Francisco Police Department in general.

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Investment Banking as Crucial Part of Banking Industry According to Martin Lustgarten


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